Work Package 1

Needs Assessments

The consortium undertook a state-of-the-art literature review and needs assessment in four countries (Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Portugal) to identify and assess current challenges regarding teacher careers, professional development and well-being.

Work Package 2

Experimental Protocol

The implementing partners will set up a comprehensive framework for implementing Positive Psychology and SWPBS methodologies and approaches in early childhood education. Moreover, they will form a team of external coaches in each country that will develop and deliver training and professional development for teachers.

Work Package 3

Field Trials

ProW project carries out field trials in at least 15 schools in partner countries. Teachers receive training and ongoing coaching for the implementation of the intervention during the project. The project research team will review and analyse the research data from the field trials to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention.

Work Package 4

Digital Platform & eLearning

The digital platform connects external coaches with school teams as well as external coaches with colleagues across the four countries. The platform features online modules for teacher professional development and provide teachers rich learning resources.

Work Package 5

Policy Development Scalability

The project team will identify and measure the scalability and sustainability needs and capacities related to policy and practice in each country. The findings will then be utilized for the development of context-specific guidelines for policy and practice.

Work Package 6

Teacher Wellbeing and Career Observatory

The Teacher Wellbeing and Career Observatory will facilitate an annual review and surveys in the field, along with the design and implementation of initiatives and actions to support teachers in the field.