Application of the SWPBS and PERMA model in Greece, Thessaloniki

International Hellenic University (IHU) was invited by the Municipality of Kalamaria to organize a workshop entitled “Professional Development Seminar: An educational framework for promoting well-being in schools”. During this workshop, early childhood teachers had the opportunity to be informed about the objectives ProW project and to be trained on selected activities regarding the principles of the SWPBS and PERMA model.

The research member of IHU team, Professor Maria Tsitiridou-Evangelou, made a useful presentation to the early childhood teachers and shared with them everything they needed to know about of ProW project.  The early childhood teachers got benefited from the training in multiple ways, and they gave a positive feedback to the IHU team. In the end, they encouraged to visit the project’s website as well as project’s social media to find more information about the project.