University of Pitești, present at the EARLI SIG 5 International Conference on Early Childhood Education in Netherlands

At the EARLI SIG 5 Conference dedicated to early education, held in the Netherlands, in Utrecht, between July 12-15, the University of Pitesti presented a specific paper, an analysis of the professional development needs and the professional environment of educators in Romania.
The paperwork was carried out on the basis of the data collected within the project “Promoting the well-being of teachers through the support of positive behavior in early education” (ProW), carried out by the University of Pitesti, as a partner, together with the Argeș County School Inspectorate and other partners from Greece, Cyprus and Portugal. The data presented to the conference participants highlighted the specific aspects of Romania regarding the work climate in kindergartens, as well as the professional development needs of the educators participating in the project. The debates on these topics took place within the Symposium dedicated to the Pro-W project, with the title Professional development in four European countries: what needs and constraints do ECEC staff report?
EARLI SIG 5 focuses on early childhood learning and development from birth to age eight. The purpose of the conference is to provide a platform for international collaboration and exchange of ideas, as well as rigorous and evidence-based discussion of early childhood research in both the educational and developmental sciences. EARLI SIG5 2022 theme: “Changing times in ECEC: New opportunities for boosting development and improving sustainability”.