Completion of the 9th Training in Cyprus: Reviewing Implementation Quality

From the very first educators’ training, our external trainers highlighted that the high fidelity of the intervention is particularly important for the attainment of the desired project results and aims. To ensure this, the SWPBS scientific approach integrates the Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI), which is a measure to ensure the high quality of the implementation procedures.

This was also the main topic of the 9th training, the familiarization of educators with TFI and the importance of high implementation quality. Our external coaches made a useful presentation to the educators and shared with them everything they needed to know about the TFI, how it works, why we use it, when it is used, and what it consists of. Also, the training consisted both of illustrations of the TFI implementation as well as theoretical information.

The educators got benefited from the training in multiple ways, and the trainers received a positive feedback for it. The educators also had the opportunity to ask questions about the use of TFI and how to increase the quality of the implementation. Adding on, during the training, the trainers and educators reflected on what was achieved during previous training sessions as well as the action steps for next year’s implementation.