One step at a time: Ways of implementing positive behaviour strategies in Romanian schools with ProW project

University of Pitești (UPIT), as partner in ProW project, works with 18 schools from the Argeș County. As the project advances, here it is what School „Nae A Ghica” from Rucar says about ProW activities that they have implemented with preschool teachers and pupils:

“We feel a great sense of fulfilment and joy when we succeed to achieve great results in our activities. Meetings are being organized with preschool teachers in order to get a clear picture of the principles we need to follow. Face-to-face meetings allow an effective communication, the opportunity to talk about a wide range of topics, and a sense of security when it comes to achieving the objectives we have established. Our school team has described the steps to be followed when implementing a positive behaviour strategy. First, we are aware of the need to have a clear vision which would integrate all the principles we want to follow. This has to offer the possibility to create a suitable environment for a rigorous and balanced education based on moral values and positive behaviour. Second, the steps to follow in creating the behaviour matrix are mentioned here.”

                We take great joy in noticing the active involvement of teachers who are also interested in positive psychology coaching. The ProW project supports them to help children grow up emotionally healthy. We invite you to visit our project at to find more about what we do!