Students of the Department of Early Childhood Education and Care become familiar with the ProW program for promoting positive behavior and well-being in early childhood

In the undergraduate courses of “Professional Ethics and Ethical Behavior” and “Social Pedagogy and Interculturalism” within the curriculum of the Department of Education and Care in Early Childhood of IHU, the basic principles of the European program “ProW” were presented to the students. In this context, the students became familiar with the 8 elements of the System for Enhancing Positive Behavior Support in Early Childhood Education (SW-PBS), which aims to prevent and address children’s challenging behaviors in preschool education.

In addition, the students were informed about the five pillars of the PERMA model (Positive Psychology), which represents a contemporary approach to positive psychology and wellbeing. Specifically, the students studied the five pillars of positive psychology, which consist of Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment. The PERMA model promotes a positive attitude towards life.