ProW 3rd Transnational Partners Meeting

After the completion of the school year (2021 – 2022), a transnational partners’ meeting was implemented with representatives of each organization gathering in Cyprus to reflect on future goals and what has been achieved so far during the implementation of the ProW project.

Some of the major points referred to was: an overview of each country’s first year of implementation with highlights and good practices, an overview of the second year’s experimental protocol and next actions to be made. Insights about the use of digital platform were presented as well as project management and quality assurance development. Moreover, we discussed about the dissemination of the project and shared potential ways to improve the dissemination of the work conducted so far and for the new school’ year.

Ideas were also shared for maximizing the potentials of the project through achieving our goals, we discussed about our next aims, we shared the feedback we got from our schools about their experience in participating and took that as an opportunity to reflect on it in order to maximize the quality of our outputs. Lastly, going through the research outputs of the ProW project we have set our aims even higher for the new school year.

Overall, the meeting offered an exceptional opportunity for everyone to get informed and exchange opinions about the implementation of the ProW project.