If someone asked « What is well-being ?» what would be the answer that would get from you ?

Certainly the answer will be different depending on each person, or rather, there will be quite a few answers that will be the same, but which, in most cases, will have different value and significance, but all the answers will relate to what is good or well for a human being or for other forms of life.
The well-being of human beings has the quality of being shaped according to the unique structure of each person and the quality of transforming according to the factors that influence it : age, sex, social and demographic contexts, education, family, happenings, needs, wishes, degree of personal development, etc.
Well-being is an indicator of the quality of life, and depending on the duration and intensity of wellbeing, we can characterize whether our existence as human beings is of a better or less good quality.
The moment when « Live the moment ! » is completed by a conscious balance of excess and prudence, of fantasy and reality, of what we wish for and what we can provide to ourselves, in a way that, at first sight, can be seen as utopian at that moment, paradoxically, we enter the path of well-being, the path of a rich and fulfilled existence, the path of evolution and development.
Reality and our relationship with reality, as well as expressing our inner self in the reality of everyday life can be some of the secrets of well-being.
Smiling, laughing, rejoicing, accepting, asking, receiving, giving, loving, letting yourself surrounded by love and everything that is good to you, running, wondering, letting your thoughts fly in words, colours and sounds, taking action, feeling, tasting, smelling the fragrance of flowers, taking care of yourself, taking care of the others around… and many others that can be taken all together or separately can be part of the secrets of well-being. And the most important thing is that you are the one who can make this well-being state exist, YOU are the well-being !