Presentation of the SWPBS pillar of ProW to teachers at Rethymno, Crete

The University of Crete research team was invited by the 16th primary school of Rethymno  to present the principles of the  SWPBS module of the ProW project in teachers across Europe who participated in the Erasmus programme  under the title “Out of the box – Ready to use classroom tools for non-violent communication and creative thinking”. The coordinator of UOC research team, Professor George Manolitsis, presented on Wednesday March 16, in a 90-minutes seminar the basic objectives of ProW project for the improvement of teachers’ well being through the provision of support to them for an effective management of behavior in school under the framework of SWPBS. The title of the seminar was “School-Wide Positive Behavior Support: An educational framework for promoting well-being in schools”.  It is presented the philosophy of the intervention which is defined by a  whole school approach, the selection of values by the school staff, the specific implementation conditions of the intervention in preschool settings and a summary of the intervention components which begin from a formulation of a common vision and purpose sharing by the whole school until the continuous monitoring of the intervention and  systematic support of teachers professional empowerment.