Our visit to the summer school of POKENY has been successfully completed!

With a focus and concern for the social-emotional development of the student, CARDET and Institute for Development had the opportunity to organize an experiential workshop at the Multipurpose Youth Center of Ypsonas, on July 25, 2023.

The emphasis of the workshop was mainly on children working together to achieve a simple common goal among themselves, set by the children themselves. At the same time, the activity fostered the cultivation of team spirit and the recognition of the importance of working together.

The workshop was coordinated by partners of the ProW project at POKENY during the operation of the summer school. All activities were structured around positive psychology. A day dedicated to cooperative play and guiding children to be able to have empathy and work in teams. While always keeping in mind that the dominant role, in a group, is honest and polite communication.

We are grateful for the invitation we received from POKENY and look forward to another successful collaboration!