If it’s Wednesday, it’s… the webinar about well-being

If it’s Wednesday, it’s… the webinar about well-being
Last month, along with fellow ISJ inspectors and school principals of partner schools, I felt and experienced… well-being.
During today’s educational webinar on the theme „ (Re)designing learning activities to adapt to the online environment”, we will openly discuss the aspects of online learning.
Although we do not declare ourselves fans of this type of learning, we are PEOPLE of education and understand that, at this time, we can contribute to the development of quality education.
We have lunch together, we are much more connected to each other than in other times. We are online on devices, we are „out”- we talk to other people, outside our homes, outside our community and outside our country.
We are very „in”, because we turn a lot to ourselves, to those of the house, to the family members.
We are very close to God, in the choices of our selection, we are close to science, medicine and vaccines…. all in the arbitrariness of our events.
The transformation of ourselves as individuals and of our world seems to bring us a new identity, a mix of two worlds, a struggle to stay mentaly sane, normal relationally and physically strong.
I have recently heard a parable about St. Augustine reffering to his words.
„ People say that times are ugly. But if people lived beautifully, times would also be beautiful.
We are the times. Let’s all of us be together and, this afternoon, let’s start taking safe and motivated steps towards learning how to live beautifully, so that the times to be as beautiful as we are!”
To be continued!