International Hellenic University Presents Methodological Strategies for Enriching Early Childhood Educators Workplace Environment

In a three-day intensive seminar-conference held from November 3 to November 5, 2023, researchers from the International Hellenic University excelled in presenting their findings on “Methodological Approaches for Improving the Workplace Environment of Early Childhood Educators.” The event, titled the on “Issues in Research Methodology in Social Sciences,” provided a platform for fruitful discussions and knowledge exchange.

The key presenters were Anastasia Vatou and Vasilis Grammatikopoulos from International Hellenic University of Greece. The researchers showcased the ProW project, ” The project focuses on developing evidence-based policies and practices to strengthen the profession, career opportunities, and skills of early childhood educators. Employing mixed methods, the team identified critical focal points for improvement, emphasizing methodologies aimed at enhancing the workplace environment. The research comprised two stages. Initially, a focus group mapped the current needs/problems faced by educators in dealing with undesirable behaviors in children. Anticipated outcomes include an improvement in working conditions for educators, encompassing relationships, work climate, job satisfaction, stress reduction, and an enhancement in the sense of social self-efficacy. The participation of the International Hellenic University researchers in the conference not only contributed valuable insights to the academic community but also provided a platform for networking and collaboration.