Field Trials of “ProW” Project Successfully Completed

In a significant stride towards promoting the well-being of teachers in early childhood education, our project has successfully concluded its field trials in Cyprus. The completion of this transformative initiative signifies a pivotal step towards enhancing the overall quality of education and support provided to educators.

With meticulous planning and collaboration with educational institutions, the “Promoting Teachers Wellbeing Through Positive Behaviour Support in Early Childhood Education” project embarked on a two-year journey to explore and evaluate the effectiveness of PBS interventions in real-world early childhood education settings.

The successful completion of the field trials has generated widespread excitement and anticipation within the education community and as the “Promoting Teachers Wellbeing through Positive Behaviour Support in Early Childhood Education” project progresses, stakeholders remain committed to further refining and disseminating the knowledge and tools generated.

By prioritizing the well-being of teachers and adopting supportive practices, the project envisions a future where early childhood education environments are nurturing, inclusive, and empowering for both educators and young learners.

To celebrate the achievement, an open-day conference was held on the 27th of May at the University of Nicosia where all interested parties joined together to discuss the impact of the project and future steps.