Coaches training launched with Professor Anastasios Stalikas

The coaches training series for the ProW project was launched on the 7th of July with Dr. Anastassios Stalikas, a leading figure in the domain of Positive Psychology. The focus of the first training sessions was the PERMA model of Positive Psychology. Dr. Stalikas presented an overview of the research and development of the field of positive psychology through the historical, cultural and sociological perspectives. In addition, he presented the first 2 pillars of the model (Positive Emotions and Engagement). Two sessions on the 13th and 14th of July followed with the Institute of Development taking the lead in presenting the remaining factors of the PERMA model (Positive Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment) and key concepts and evidence-based Positive Psychology Interventions. Passionate coaches and teacher educators shared experiences and reflections on issues such as teachers’ well-being, positive relationships, meaning, and accomplishment. With the new school year 2021-2022, more than 60 schools will engage in the program, forming one of the largest policy experiments in Europe in the area of teacher well-being, SWPBS, and Early Childhood Education and Care.