ProW project: Getting off the ground

ProW is an Erasmus+ funded project implemented by 11 organizations in Cyprus, Greece, Romania, and Portugal. It aims to utilise Positive Psychology (PERMA model) and Positive Behavior Support in order to introduce evidence-based policies and practices in early childhood education. These practices are firstly expected to enhance the teaching profession in early childhood education by improving teachers’ well-being and careers, and also to build an inclusive positive-oriented school culture in which all children are valued and respected.

At the current phase of the project in Cyprus, the selection process has been successfully completed, by recruiting 20 public nursery and pre-primary schools that will participate to the programme during the next two years. Also, by following Positive Psychology (PERMA) and School Wide Positive Behavioral Support (SWPBS) related strategies tailored to the early childhood education, a dedicated team of experienced external coaches has been trained to deliver training and ongoing support to the teachers that take part to the project.

Due to the emerged challenges caused by the pandemic, such as the negative effects on children’s socio-behavioural skills, the limited social interaction, as well as the need to manage these effects at pre-schools on behalf of the teachers, ProW project is expected to be particularly useful. Wellbeing, job satisfaction and self-efficacy are key concepts studied and promoted within the project, which make the project approach even more innovative. ProW project consists a unique opportunity for pre-schools in Cyprus to experiment and implement evidence-based practices on these concepts.

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