The positive results of the Pro-W project in Romania are confirmed by education specialists

Implementation team of the project „Promoting Teachers Well-being through Positive Behavior Support in Early Childhood Education [ProW]” (ref. no. 626146-EPP-1-2020-2-EL-EPPKA3-PI-POLICY), funded project through the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union, applied between April and May 2023 a questionnaire to identify the experiences of teachers and education experts who interacted with the Pro-W project. The responses of over 100 people participating in the study indicated the accumulation of real benefits following the course modules, workshops or interaction with the learning platform www.

During the mentioned period, two questionnaires were applied that provide a more comprehensive picture of the implementation of the ProW intervention and possible results/benefits in Romanian school units.

Most of the survey participants (93%) were teachers, so we were able to benefit from their answers with great input based on teaching experience, while 7% of the answers brought the perspective of school leaders (headmasters), counselors and other categories of school personnel.

The majority of teachers (87%) expressed a positive view of the impact of the ProW approach on student behavior and the same large majority of teachers (again 87%) opined, through responses to question 2, that the significant improvement in the teaching position – satisfaction was generated by the implementation of the ProW approach in the school. Also, a fairly high rate of positive responses (76%) was obtained in relation to the fact that the ProW approach contributed to reducing the level of teacher burnout. The majority of teachers (86%) stated that their school climate was positively influenced by the ProW approach to become more supportive.

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